Make the most of your quarantine

So we're almost 3 months into the lock down and everyone's losing the will to live. I know, I know- motivation is at an all-time-low!

It can get exhausting living through the same monotonous routine day on day; which is why it's so important to find new and exciting opportunities to work with for you break this never-ending routine. We are extremely lucky to live in an age where these opportunities are so easily accessible- so it's definitely worth making the most of this!

Now you want to get involved and try out something new- Great! But where do you start?

Below, we've compiled a list of possible activities you can explore to help keep yourself busy. It's important to note this list is definitely not exhaustive- there's endless opportunities out there, but focusing on career development is probably the easiest place to start. Here goes;

Explore Code First Girls

Code First Girls is a non-profit on a mission to help women develop on their coding and programming skills; regardless of their background. They provide women of all ages with a range of online courses; from introductory coding programmes, to more advance techniques. If you've had enough of learning, and want to get involved with actual doing, they also offer various volunteering and mentor ship roles (bonus for your CV!).

What makes Code First Girls so unique is their partnership with companies and Universities. Through these alliances, they allow members to get involved in competitions and challenges that are extremely useful when applying for jobs. A recent example of this is their mentoring programme in partnership with Bank of America for women looking to pursue a career in Tech (Deadline's this month btw!)

Check out the events page below;


Similar to Code First Girls, STEMettes is also a non-profit aimed at developing a varied skill-set in women from STEM backgrounds. What I particularly like about STEMettes is that they have a more broad focus on skills; such as resilience and public speaking. In addition to this, you will have access to various articles, projects and insight weeks

Have a look around the website- you may find a webinar or a workshop that catches your eye!

Join SEO London

SEO London is an enterprise aimed at increasing social mobility across major industries. They provide access for students from BAME backgrounds, to help them secure high-end graduate jobs, or internships. Although SEO London is greatly focused within the Finance sector, they have mentors who are also from STEM backgrounds, giving insight to opportunities for students of a similar field; this can involve insight into various industries, such as FinTech.

SEO London are also hosting events every week, which include tips on job applications, as well as general queries on career development. Definitely worth signing up below!

Opportunities with BrightNetwork

Bright Network have always been great for internship and job help; but they have definitely been of great use during COVID-19. Not only have they been updating their events list with regular workshops and webinars, they have also partnered with a range of firms to provide remote internship opportunities ac cross various fields.

If you haven't already- it's definitely worth checking out!

Challenge yourself with a new course

Enrolling onto a course is a great way to discipline yourself at a time where you have no obligations. With endless websites such as Coursera and Udemy there's basically nothing you can't learn online!

Check out some resources below;

Start a project of your own

If you're not particularly impressed with what's out there- why not start something of your own? This can range from a non-profit organisation, social enterprise or even your own online business!

One of the hardest things to do is to get started- the rest is really up to you! We hope you found this blog useful- if you're looking for more opportunities similar to the aboe, make sure you keep up to date with the social media pages for the 'Happening this week' post.

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