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Updated: May 15, 2020

Having almost completed my degree apprenticeship with KPMG, I have been exceptionally lucky to have chosen to be associated with such a diverse and vibrant University, such as The University of Birmingham. During my time on campus, I have been given the opportunity to engage in a range of activities; from joining societies to networking events& participating in the CapGemini challenge- the opportunities at UOB are endless!

Over the years, I have seen campus facilities grow and student networks expand at the University- which is why me and Valeria are working to start this new society! Encouraging more women in STEM subjects, particularly in the field of Technology, has been a global movement, which allows for endless opportunities for growth.

Many people have asked why i have decided to take a shift towards the Tech industry and my answer is simple; I want to move with the future- and this is where I believe it lies. I have experienced first-hand the transition of University life into a work environment. This has exposed me to the vast opportunities there are available to women, particularly within the Technology field. Although coming from a primarily Business background, I am excited to get involved in a new and up-coming field and I encourage others to do the same!

Our main objective for this society is to empower and encouraging more involvement in the field of Technology; however female-empowerment remains a base of our aims. And so as a result of this, we will be partnering with various other societies with a similar goal, such as WISE (Women In Science& Engineering), as well as WIF (Women In Finance).

I hope that women don't feel restricted based on their past experiences and current degree choices- there is always room for progression at any stage; innovation is what has always driven change in the Technology field.

I am extremely excited to grow this community, despite the current situation. Me and Valeria will work hard over the next coming weeks to help you make the best of the resources given to you. This includes virtual webinars, workshops& even competitions; hosted by both University of Birmingham alumni, as well as inspirational speakers.

I have noted that many students are struggling with the current situation regarding COVID-19, and wanted to incorporate coping techniques to help you make best use of your time during this period In fact. I strongly believe this is the perfect opportunity to start learning!

Hope to see you soon!


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